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I remember a time when you'd never hear the words 'eco living', 'sustainable living' etc... However today, now in 2021, those words resonate within us all.

Now, I'm not one of those guys that screams it from the rooftop that we are killing our planet.  To be honest, I wasn't really aware of the impact that humans are having on this planet until recently when I started watching documentaries. The latest one I watched was 'Seaspriacy'. That shocked me.  Dolphin friendly tuna that wasn't actually dolphin friendly... The fact that to gain that certification, the MCS simply take money off these big companies and rely heavily on what the boat Captains say as they don't have the resources to be on every ship... And then when they are, they can be bribed and manipulated! That really shocked me!

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Now, I know that we have to take everything we read and see with a pinch of salt. We know that Directors and Producers of these types of documentaries want to push their agendas and push their message across to us in the most effective manner - it worked! I've stopped eating fish and no longer bring it into my house.  Following Seaspiracy, the Guardian reported the following:

Seaspiracy: Netflix documentary accused of misrepresentation by participants

NGOs and experts quoted in film say it contains ‘misleading’ claims, erroneous statistics and out-of-context interviews

I refer you back to my last point - we have to take everything we read and see with a pinch of salt.

Regardless of our personal opinions, it is clear to see that the planet is degrading. It's clear to see that we are slowly burning through all of our resources - oils, food, fish, wood...  Fish numbers are reducing.  Some of the most beautiful creatures (and the most important) are becoming endangered or extinct, the coral reefs are dying and disappearing, the rainforests are being destroyed.. And it's because of us!

What I have come to realise though is that there are cleaner ways to live.  Better ways to live.  Individually, we won't make a difference at all.  However, imagine the billions of people on this planet all trying to save it? Wouldn't that be something! Take a look at some of these facts:

  1. It takes more energy to make 1 kg of paper than it takes to make 1 kg of steel
  2. It takes almost 500,000 litres of water to extract just 1 kg of gold
  3. 1 kwh of electricity from a UK plug socket takes almost 3 kwh of energy to produce
  4. Switching from the font ‘Arial’ to ‘Century Gothic’ saves 30% ink on printing
  5. More energy is wasted in the UK’s electricity generation system than is consumed to heat all of the UK’s homes
  6. There is up to 30 times more gold in a tonne of old mobile phones than in a tonne of gold ore
  7. Around 16,000 litres of water is consumed to make just 1 kg of beef
  8. Recycling a single 330 ml aluminium drink can saves enough energy to power a TV for over 3 hours
  9. Recycling a single 500 ml aluminium beer can saves enough energy to power a TV for over 4 hours
  10. It takes around 2,700 litres of water to make a single cotton t-shirt
  11. The embodied carbon of constructing an average UK house is equivalent to driving around the earth over 10 times
  12. 23 new steps have been added to Mexico City’s Angel of Independence. Over-abstraction of ground water has caused the city to sink 9 m in the last 100 years
  13. 1 tonne of CO2e is enough to power a UK light bulb for 10 years. In France it’s enough for over 50 years
  14. Transporting goods by a rigid road truck is over 70 times more carbon intensive than bulk shipping
  15. Disposable batteries produce 50 times less energy than the embodied energy of production

Reference - Circular Ecology


One of the things I want to do as a small business is to try and promote eco-living.  I am trying to find the best possible method of shipping - packaging supplies, couriers etc to reduce our carbon footprint.  At the moment, it's very hard for me to do what I want to do because the one thing I've realised is that to go green is extremely expensive.  For example, it is much cheaper to purchase a kilogram of bubble wrap than it is to buy a kilogram of biodegradable noodles! My profit margins are so slim and with consumers not wanting to pay for postage and packaging, and with my very small business being massively overshadowed by the giants like Amazon, it's almost impossible at our level to become eco-friendly, carbon neutral etc.

It's something we are working on and it's something that in time, as we grow, we will deal with.

What I can do though, as a business is promote and sell products from companies that are doing their bit.

That's where Jungle Culture come into play.  Whilst we were searching the internet for manufacturers and businesses that are trying to make a positive impact on the world, we stumbled across their other site, Jungle Straws.  I loved their back story. I loved their products... And I love what they are trying to do. 

Jungle Culture have a range of products on their website - bamboo straws, bamboo cutlery, coconut bowls, plastic free razors, eco friendly soaps etc.  A really good range of products that if we were all to use, would make a difference.

We are delighted to announce that within the next few weeks, we will begin stocking Jungle Culture products here at Let's Get a Gift.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about Jungle Culture, please click here to visit their website.

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