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These are one of our signature products - The Decision Coins.


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Our Decision coins is where it all started for Let's Get a Gift.  Dave and Dee heard their son Fletcher crying in his room for the 4,712,993rd time one evening.  Dave turned to Dee and said 'Flip a coin?' And that's where the idea cam from.

Dave contacted a local tin fabricator and ask him to create the coin.  Since then, we have increased our range of coins from 1 to 9! We now have coins to decide pretty much any occasion! We even have trick coins where you can rig the outcome. It could always land on Him, Her, Mum or Dad! 

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  • The 'Whose Turn is it?' Mum Dad Decision Coin
    The 'Whose Turn is it?' Mum Dad Decision Coin - Let's Get A Gift
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