About Us

About Us
Lets Get a Gift is the trading name of DDLF Limited - or David, Dee, Leila, Fletcher for short.
We are a family run business based in Redruth, Cornwall. 
The business was founded in June 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic following Dave's involvement with his Football Club, Dropship FC.  As Vice-Chairman of the Club, Dave deals with the day to day running of the Football Club.
Dave formed allegiances with the Director of Dropship Ltd through his association with Football and as a means of raising money for the Club, formed DDLF Ltd as means of revenue.
Working together with Dropship Ltd, Dave uses them as the main manufacturer for the goods you see on this website, with a portion of profits made being injected into the football club in order to provide local players with nice facilities and equipment.
An aircraft engineer in the Royal Navy for the past 11 years, Dave intends to continue with his military career whilst running DDLF Ltd in the background.  His main purpose for taking the company forward is simply to help with buying a house and putting Leila and Fletch through University. 
Being a family man, Dave has no interest in 'making millions by charging extortionate prices', instead, his business model is set around selling quality products at low cost but in large numbers. 
Dave is married to Dee and they have two children, Leila (6) and Fletcher (2).